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Hello, I'm Tim Odenkirchen. My mission is to unlock the full potential of the business world and turn it into a powerful force for good.

Today's world is facing unprecedented challenges, from climate change to social inequality and biodiversity loss, which are impacting the sustainability and stability of our planet. These complex and interrelated issues demand a new approach that transcends the "business as usual" mentality.

This new approach involves a fundamental shift in our understanding of the world and our place in it. I believe we need to move beyond sustainability and embrace regeneration as the new paradigm for creating a truly thriving future.

My journey towards regenerative practices started with a simple question that I asked myself while on a holiday in Morocco. As I drove through the Atlas Mountains on my way to the Sahara desert, I noticed miles of eroded farmlands, which sparked my curiosity. I wondered, how can we bring life back to this land and make it thrive again?

Upon returning home, I began researching regenerative farming practices to find ways to revitalize degraded lands. What I discovered was that these principles could be applied to all aspects of human society, including business, industry, urban planning, and architecture. This discovery was a turning point for me, providing me with a fresh sense of purpose and commitment.

Growing up in a family business, I saw firsthand the positive impact that a business can have on its community when it genuinely serves the people and the environment. This experience inspired me to pursue degrees in Business Administration and Finance at RSM Erasmus University and enter the corporate world with a passion for positive change. However, my experience in the corporate world has also revealed a harsh truth: many businesses fail to live up to their potential as agents of positive change. Instead of serving their communities and the environment, they prioritize self-interest and engage in extractive practices that harm the world around us.

I believe that a regenerative approach to business offers an opportunity to create thriving organizations that operate within the larger framework of our living systems. This involves a shift in mindset, from a self-serving perspective to one that acknowledges the interdependence of all living systems. While many may find it counterintuitive, adopting regenerative practices goes beyond fulfilling ethical responsibilities to protect the environment. It's about tapping into the immense creativity and intelligence inherent in living systems to unlock our true unique potential. By embracing a regenerative approach, businesses gain a strategic imperative that can provide them with a competitive edge, rather than simply a moral obligation.

It is my mission is to unleash the true potential of the business world and transform it into a force of good.

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