Freedom, Abundance and Opportunity

Freedom, Abundance and Opportunity

In 2016 I quit my job at Procter & Gamble and booked a one-way ticket to Mumbai. My intention was to travel through Asia and see what opportunities would arise. I did this under the project name "Traveling Business Man" and wrote a few blogs about my experiences. These writings are from a different phase in my life. I still post them on Blooming Deserts as it was a very formative experience. It taught me that we always have the possibility to make radical choices that can change the course of our lives.

If there is one mantra I have been applying for a long time, it’s the following one: “we live in a world of freedom, abundance and unlimited opportunity”. I love this mantra for various reasons. Every time I repeat these words, I feel a strong excitement running through me. I feel gratitude towards the present, excitement about the future and a burning desire to grasp whatever the world has to offer. It makes me realise that we have the freedom to grasp the opportunities around us and create a life of abundance. I decided to give it a try and start living according to this mantra.

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