Living Wisdom

Living Wisdom

Ever since I came back from my trip in Morocco, I felt like putting the regenerative theory into practice. To get my hands dirty. That’s why I traveled to Andalusia a few months back, for a two-week Permaculture Design Course. It was the teacher, Ras John, that made me decide to sign up for this course. He is a Rastafarian from London who seems to have come from a different world. That’s a great quality to have when teaching about a paradigm shift.

To reach Órgiva, the little village where I would be picked up by Ras, I had to take a bus from Granada. I was treated with some stunning views of the Andalusian landscape. It made me think about The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho, which I read a few years back. That story is about Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd that goes on a quest to find a treasure. I love that story, and recent years I have been feeling a bit like Santiago as well.

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